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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pathologically Pretty: An Introduction

I have been accused of being obsessed with beauty products. I may one day be the star of a future episode of Hoarders: Makeup Edition. I am perpetually broke, but give me a couple hours in Sephora or the beauty aisle of CVS and I will be bankrupt.

In order to try to put a method to the madness, I decided to start a beauty blog, documenting what I love and hopefully helping others learn about great products or new ways to use them. I don't stand for BS, so if I like something, I will say I like it. If I hate it, I won't hold back. I have the most sensitive skin ever and I love playing armchair dermatologist and researching every single ingredient in a product.

I love thrifting for crazy and vintage clothes and playing dress-up. I love cooking. I hate cleaning.

Favorite products of the moment in no particular order: Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Palette (obvs), Revlon Brow Fantasy, Laura Mercier Secret Cover Concealer, L'oreal Lineur Intense, leftover Easter candy. 

Seriously, these things are like crack.