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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obsessed With: Finding the Perfect Neutral Eyeshadow Duo (BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Enlightenment)

I told you I was crazy about makeup. And right now my obsession is finding the perfect neutral eyeshadow duo that I can wear everyday and bring with me everywhere I go. I will not be happy until I've hit pan on my holy grail duo! This BareMinerals eyeshadow duo in The Enlightenment comes pretty freaking close. It's 20$ and for the quality, I think that the price is totally worth it. The packaging and formulation definitely make this a step up from my favorite drugstore eyeshadow brand, Wet 'n Wild, and I think these eyeshadows are consistently much better than MAC's new duos. They supposedly have some anti-aging seaweed extract in them which I don't believe at all, how is a powder eyeshadow supposed to penetrate your skin? Anyways, they are available at Sephora and I assume at BareEscentuals stores.

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Enlightenment (direct sunlight)
The Enlightenment Duo, case

BareMinerals released these Ready eyeshadows recently and I just managed to grab some of them. I'm not a fan of loose eyeshadow so I haven't tried a lot of the other BareMinerals eye products. These are great though. I'm excited because I know there are a couple more coming out in May and I need them like, right now. I love almost everything about these eyeshadows; the formulation, the pigmentation, the colors. My only complaints are that there don't seem to be any truly wild colors in the range, something really attention grabbing like Nars' Exhibit A. But that's ok because they fit in perfectly with my current obsession! My other gripe is that the packaging is that soft black plastic that picks up any fingerprint or dust floating around in your makeup bag or purse. Other than that you need to try a couple (or all) of these.

The Enlightenment Duo; Guru and Namaste (direct sunlight)

Strangely, when I went to Sephora and asked if they had some of the duos in stock (The Perfect Storm, The Afterparty and a few others), they only had the sample refill pans in back and not the actual palettes.  It seemed like they were phasing out a couple of the older duos to make room for some of the newer ones.

I've been wearing this duo almost everyday with a winged liner and a coral lip (my favorite color for Spring). It's definitely not the most exciting look, but I think finding your perfect everyday colors is essential.

The two colors in this duo are Guru and Namaste. BareMinerals describes them as "silk stone" and "sandy brown" on their website. I think Guru is somewhere between a nude champagne and a pink toned beige. It swatches much darker than it looks in the pan. The swatch almost pulls taupe in some lights, but it is too pink to be a true taupe. It has a satin-y finish with subtle shimmer. it looks a little glittery in the pan and when swatched but not on the eye.

Left: Guru,  Right: Namaste

Namaste is a warm toned light brown that is perfect for adding dimension or blending out the crease. It is pretty matte, but has a satin finish and feel to it. Both these colors are super buttery and blend out really nicely.
Guru and Namaste in direct sunlight

These aren't unique colors by any means and probably have a million dupes, but I just love the combination of these two shades, finishes and blendability. If you own the super popular Naked palette, the shades Naked and Buck are pretty comparable, but I think Guru and Namaste are even easier to work with than Urban Decay's mattes, which are renowned for their great texture. Namaste is a little warmer than Buck but Guru is cooler than Naked. The slight satin finish of the BareMinerals eyeshadows also adds more dimension to an everyday look which I think is important.

from left to right: Guru, Namaste, Naked, Buck

I love the Enlightment duo and it will come with me on every trip I go on, but my search for the perfect neutral duo is far from over.

The Enlightenment Duo, 20$